Saturday, January 10, 2015

jaguarzinnias approved: best of 2014

Half of this list is skincare, but are you really even surprised at this point?
I often mention new and exciting products rather than my reliable, long-time loves. I wanted to right that wrong here by mentioning my favorites from 2014. Given the nature of this blog, I have a lot of beauty products alongside my favorite books, songs, and art exhibitions. Enjoy!

ACCESSORY: PETER PILOTTO x TARGET patterned sunglasses 
BOOK: THE LOWLAND by Jhumpa Lahiri was so good that I purchased the author's other books as soon as I finished.The characters were flawed, but so human that they got me in way that hasn't happened in years. This is so beautifully well-written and well-plotted that I would reread passages in awe (forgive my gushing, I was an English major). 
MAKEUP REMOVER: DIY CLEANSING BALM recipe from Gemsmaquillage (sans lavender essential oil) converted me to the oil cleansing method in 2014. 
FACIAL OIL: SUKIN Rosehip Oil was my oil of choice in 2014 but I am currently using this one. 
MOISTURIZER: REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream was hands down my favorite moisturizer last year. I have very sensitive skin and this delivers moisture without irritants. 
FACIAL SPRAY: HERITAGE Rosewater spray smells amazing and is the perfect way to refresh skin. It locks in moisture and preps the skin for serums/oils. 
CLEANSER: SIBU BEAUTY facial cleanser is a gentle cleanser which brightens, exfoliates, and takes off makeup without burning my eyes. I would use this in the morning or as the second step in my double cleanse. 
SONG: OCEANS by Hillsong United, which I think was the case for a lot of people. It perfectly captures this sense of overwhelming, even crippling self-doubt/hopelessness and reminds us there is hope.
MULTI-PURPOSE PRODUCT: RMS BEAUTY Lip2Cheek in Modest is pigmented, versatile, and conveniently tiny for travel. 
LIPSTICK: ILIA BEAUTY Nobody's Baby is my tinted lip conditioner of choice. It is a no-fuss, flattering shade with a nourishing formula to boot. 
HIGHLIGHT: PHYSICIAN'S FORMULA Nude Wear concealer is the cruelty-free illuminating pen I needed in my life. I am now patiently waiting for an Organic Wear option. 
HAIR TECHNIQUE: HEATLESS BUN WAVES for fuss-free but glam curls and waves. Not a tool or a product, but definitely the biggest game changer in dealing with unruly hair. 
SPOT TREATMENT: NUANCE BY SALMA HAYEK correcting spot treatment smells off-putting, but the sulphur will really calm down active breakouts. The nozzle is convenient, hygienic, and accurate enough that you're not wasting product. 
EXHIBITION: Soto: The Houston Penetrable which reflects my bias, since my background is in Latin American Art. MFAH just did it right. Jesús Rafael Soto penetrable was strong and conceptual while still engaging and fun.

Friday, January 9, 2015

lessons from a yearlong deodorant dilemma

Deodorant dream team: EO Organic Deodorant in lavender and Natural for Her deodorant in Blossom
I think I speak for many in the cruelty-free and green beauty community when I say that switching over from conventional deodorants is one of the most frustrating transitions to weather. Freaking out about aluminum and parabens, I tried CRYSTAL ESSENCE deodorants for more than a year (proof) until I found my increasingly active lifestyle required more protection. After painful attempts at using some of the more popular all-natural deodorants, I realized my skin sensitivities prevented me from using anything with baking soda.

Here's what is currently working for me: Straight out of the shower, I use EO Organic Deodorant. Unlike roll-on deodorants, the spray is convenient and the product dries down quickly. When I'm at work, I take NATURAL FOR HER by Herban Cowboy deodorant in Blossom (previously mentioned here) and reapply one to two times during the day. This might just be my own personal body chemistry, but I like to reapply throughout the day to keep things fresh. Please note that both of these deodorants are scented and therefore include essential oils, but I haven't experienced skin reactions to either the lavender or blossom scents. So, if you were wearing clinical strength deodorant before and baking soda is a no-no, I recommend you give this combo a try.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

what to thrift thursday: the grommet-ready

( 1. Mugler | 2. See By Chloe | 3. Altuzzarra )
For this What To Thrift Thursday, I'm recommending grommets. They're pretty common to come by in the thrift stores if you're searching for jackets and coats; but you might want to keep an eye out for simple pieces which could be embellished with a DIY project. In Pre-Fall Mugler and Altuzzarra, the grommets were sexy, peekaboo elements added on to minimal but structured basics. If you're inspired by the 70s revival going on (I'm not keen) try loose tunics and skirts as well.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

high-end/indie/drugstore: marsala

The Pantone Color of the Year is 18-1438 Marsala. It is a bizarrely autumnal shade to usher in just as we're all looking forward to Spring, but I can't say it's a departure from the oxblood and wine trends we've seen on the runways for the past two years. Not that we need Pantone's stamp of approval to keep on wearing our vampy, Bordeaux lipsticks.

Monday, January 5, 2015

manicure monday: mineral fusion canyon + sonnetarium samurai princess

I was focused on getting the most accurate color that I failed to focus the camera. My apologies.
Attempting to give my nails a break from all the holiday glitter madness, I went for a more interesting version of the standard work appropriate nude. On the nails today: MINERAL FUSION Canyon topped off with a little bit of SONNETARIUM Samurai Princess. Samurai Princess is an old indie favorite, though you can now find similar polishes at the drugstore. Canyon is described as a creamy greige, but it leans a bit warm which is actually flattering for my skin tone. For those looking to find cruelty-free alternatives: the color is really similar to Essie's Brooch the Subject and a lighter, more neutral version of Sally Hansen's Mudslide.

While we're on the subject of nails, feel free to recommend a top coat in the comments since I'm in the market to replace mine now that Orly is no longer cruelty-free. Happy Monday, everyone!

Friday, January 2, 2015

5 new new years' resolutions for 2015

1. Keep on challenging myself.
I am still waiting for all the dust to settle from the madness that was 2014. I want to keep on challenging myself professionally and tackle all the projects that come my way.

2. Work towards my spiritual and mental health.
I don't want to slack with spirituality. I am committing to daily devotionals and/or meditations and actively working to deal with baggage I know I've been neglecting.

3. Take better care of my physical health.
I've put healthy eating habits and exercise on the back burner lately, so I want to start working out and building resistance again. I'm going to start tacking advantage of the running track in my neighborhood.

4. Embrace minimalism.
Minimalism is more than just an aesthetic and I want to get back to basics and make time to assess things. This involves budgeting and creating a savings fund for travel.

5. Schedule in me time.
The last few months have been very rewarding but exhausting. I don't want to forget to give myself time to slow down. I want to schedule in me time for reading, pampering, and a myriad of hobbies.

Whew, that's a lot of sharing! I hope you had a great NYE and am sending positive energy your way!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

a belated but elated #secretgreensanta post

Late in the Fall of 2014, the wonderful Yeiza from Boho Chic Meets Organics organized a Green Secret Santa Swap. The cap was set at $35 and we were all encouraged to take advantage of holiday sales to get the most green beauty bang for our buck. I had the pleasure of picking out gifts for Rebecca of EcoEccentric. It was a wonderfully fun challenge and I would urge you all to follow her blog! My own Secret Green Santa was Shirley from NonToxiqueVoyage and I am beyond grateful!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

FOTD: christmas shopping + sore throats

How to look cute when your voice is failing you, your throat hurts, and the cough struggle is real.

Despite waking up with a sore throat and a bit of a cough, I decided to seize my day off and get some Christmas shopping done. I took my own advice and stopped by the Defend NOLA store on Magazine Street, went my merry way buying up all the cute little children's books in sight at my nearest bookstore, and then finished off the shopping binge with scarves and fancy gift wrap! Here is what I had on my face:

Base: BY TERRY Terrybly Densiliss concealer in No. 5 Desert Beige + ELF Studio Flawless Finish foundation in Sand + RMS BEAUTY Un Cover-Up in 33 for spot concealing + HONEYBEE GARDENS Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation in Luminous to set | Face: PHYSICIANS FORMULA Bronze Booster in Medium/Dark as a contouring blush | Eyes: on the lid SILK NATURALS Forgery (more information about pressing here) + in the crease TOO FACED Nudie from the Natural Eyes palette + brow highlight/set HARD CANDY Brows Now + PHYSICIANS FORMULA Organic Wear Fakeout mascara on the lashes | Lips: ILIA Beauty lipstick crayon in Dress You Up.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

instagram 15: october thru december

1. I went to the Hillsong Conference in NYC and my outfit matched the program. | 2. Aaaand, we ate our way through Manhattan! | 3. Back to N'awlins. | 4. Prospect New Orleans opened! | 5. Repeat after me: Keep Calm and Cary Grant. | 6. My sister and I road tripped it out to Lafayette to see Pastor Judah! | 7. Ogden After Hours | 8. Midterm elections = shocking amounts of Americans for Prosperity ads. | 9. Here is my family's Thanksgiving Day spread! | 10. Arts Council of New Orleans Community Arts Award | 11. Did I mention that it was at Mardi Gras World and that it was my first ime at Mardi Gras world? | 12. Happy Holidays and pretty Christmas tree lights | 13. Project #secretgreensanta | 14. Oysters! | 15. Watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion show and everything was pretty. | 16. A look at Campaign's of Courage for #MusBuilding Day!

Friday, December 12, 2014

holiday gift guide 2014: new orleans gifts

JZ HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: #staylocal New Orleans

JZ HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: #staylocal New Orleans by jaguar-zinnia

The JaguarZinnias Holiday Gift Guide continues, this time with a New Orleans twist. As many of you know, I live in NOLA and feel strongly about supporting local makers. The #StayLocal movement encourages consumers to keep the holiday dollars in the city by shopping locally. You aren't just supporting your community, you're picking out unique gifts that are bound to surprise your family and friends.

1. LOOMED NOLA Mardi Gras Scarf - $50.00 For those that already have Mardi Gras Perlis polo
2. SMOKE Perfume Gift Box - $35.00 For the incense-burner in your life
3. CAKE FACE SOAPING Postman Daily Lotion - $10 For anyone that wants to keep old man winter at bay
4. COOKING UP A STORM from The Times Picayune - $24.95 For the Food Network junkie
5. DEFEND NOLA Grey Nola Nacular tee - $25.00 For Fresh Meat, Cold Beer, Wine, Liquor, and/or Po-boy enthusiasts
6. MIGNON FAGET Fleur de Lis Black & Gold Glasses - $55.00 For classy Saints fans
7. KREWE DU OPTIC St. Louis in Matte Au Lait to Clear - $195 For yourself, instead of Illestevas
8. Lastly, GIFTCARDS! I recommend GoodEggs, Sucre, or your favorite local bookshop!